Ground Water Source Development

Ground Water Modelling

Voss Infrastructure has many years experience with Ground Water Management.

  1. Resource Management evaluation studies
  2. RMA Effect assessments
  3. Resource Consent application
  4. Ground water and surface water interaction

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We work closely with local and regional councils to minimise and if neccesary mitigate effects on the wider ground water environment.

Some of our recent projects include:

Waipatiki Water Supply Augmentation - Identified preferred location for new well, using 3D analysis of environmental data; designed well and prepared contract specifications.

Roberts Line Water Supply Well - Specified location, engineering design and project management for the development of a new well for municipal water supply.



Groundwater modelling is necessary when:

  • To study the effects of proposed groundwater takes such as irrigation supply
  • To study the effects of ground water mounding
  • Studying water quality effects from waste water disposal or soakage and contaminated sites

Our past projects include:

Ruakaka Wastewater Disposal Impact Assessment - Developed numerical model (Visual MODFLOW) to assess the effect of discharge of wastewater to the coastal dune system on the stability of the beach and sustainability of the foredune. Designed and executed field investigations of soil hydraulic properties.

Maketu High-Rate Irrigation Model Study - Developed models of groundwater flows (Visual MODFLOW-SURFACT; FEFLOW) and phosphorous sorption (VS2DT) associated with a proposed land disposal system for discharge to ground of treated wastewater.  Estimated capacity for P removal and indirect discharges to the surface environment.