Water Treatment Design

Services include:

  • Drinking water compliance reports
  • Iron and manganese removal
  • Taste and odour removal
  • Potable water process design

These are just two of our current Water Treatment Design projects

Kaikoura Water Treatment Upgrades - Concept design for a treatment plant to remove iron and manganese from groundwater. (Current 2008)

Waitakaruru WTP Filters Automation Conversion - Investigations and design of new valve configurations to complete the conversion of the existing (Candy) filters to automated backwash. Design and specification of replacement media and reviews of supplier proposals. (Current 2008)

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Fonterra,  Kauri,  WTP  Optimisation  Trials - On-site trials  to identify upgrades to the plant to improve operating efficiency and determine feasibility of dealing with taste and odour problems by adoption of an enhanced coagulation regime.

Waitakaruru  WTP Coagulation  Upgrades - Coagulation trials to identify low-impact improvements to the coagulation regime to overcome problems of sludge treatability, filter blinding and compliance.

Waipa District WTPs Optimisation Trials - On-site trials which identified a programme of relatively minor works to provide substantial improvments to treated water quality at Te Tahi, Parallel Road and Karapiro WTPs.

Kihikihi Water Quality Improvements - Directed study to identify works required to address problems due to high iron and manganese in the Kihikihi reticulation.

Te Tahi WTP Upgrade Strategy - Identified and scoped works to upgrade capacity of Te Tahi WTP to meet predicted future demand in the context of expected reductions in source availability with the renewal of water take permits.

Maungaturoto WTP Optimisation - Identified improvments required to raw water handling and upgrades to flocculation process to enable treated water quality to comply with Drinking Water Standards.  Identified potential for a significant gain in throughput without need for a major capital works programme.

Ruakaka WTP Peer Review - peer review of preliminary design report for an upgrade of the existing plant.
Nga Puna Wai O Hokianga Project -specification for sustainable, small-scale treatment for small communities, including application of membrane technology in remote sites.

Whangamarino Water Supply Upgrade - review of existing plant capacity, constraints to expansion and assessment of needs to accommodate increased demand from a new corrections facility.

Waila Water Treatment Plant - Clarifier No. 3 - PWD Fiji - design of hydraulic and process components for a new, 30MLD clarifier.

Suva-Nausori Water Supply Augmentation (Fiji) - process concepts and detail design for rehabilitation and upgrading of two existing water treatment plants (60 and 110 MLD, respectively) and design for source augmentation works for an additional 78 MLD.  Coagulation system to incorporate radical new control technology.

Nayagi Water Treatment Plant Design (Fiji) - design of 4 MLD water treatment plant to remove iron and manganese from groundwater for community supply.

Hamilton City Water Treatment Plant - Coagulation Optimisation Trials, Filter Performance Trials, - On-site trials to improve plant performance for iron and manganese removal and taste-and-odour mitigation; tests of filters performance to compare performance of alternative media; investigation of options for improving the distribution of water between the ten individual filters.

Dargaville Water Supply Supplementation -feasibility of source supplementation by offline storage and assessment of process rehabilitation to achieve full design treatment capacity with elimination of taste and odour problems.

Whakatane District Community Water Supplies - testing and assessment of sustainable treatment needs to reduce aggressiveness of spring water sources.

Water Treatment Plant Upgrade, Coca Cola Bottlers - capacity upgrade for an industrial plant; feasibility and pre-design of plant to remove hydrogen sulphide and iron from groundwater source for use in bottling plant.

Water Treatment Plant Design Little Sisters of the Poor B Samoa - small-scale, sustainable plant to treat river water and/or rain water to supply a 60-bed hospice.

Water Treatment Plant Optimisation and Upgrade Ngarua - removing iron and manganese from groundwater with high silica content for industrial process water.

Water Treatment Plant Optimisation B Brasserie Cambrew, Cambodia - on-site trials to optimise throughput of existing plant; recommendations for upgrading.

Waikanae Water Supply Plant Review B Kapiti Coast - optimisation of 35 MLD municipal plant, which had difficulty achieving 20 MLD; updating of O&M manual.

Turatea Water Treatment Plant Upgrade B Palmerston North City - process design and specifications, tendering and construction management of rehabilitation of existing plant (30 MLD) including retrofit of new technology.

Paihia Water Treatment Plant Audit - process improvements identified to solve non-compliance and taste-and-odour problems.

Opotiki Water Treatment Options Study and Documentation - concept design, specification and tender evaluation for new water treatment plant treating upland stream water.

Ongarue Water Treatment Plant Upgrade - Taumarunui - design of a water treatment plant upgrade - adding coagulation and clarification to an existing direct-filtration plant - for a design-build tender.

Onemana Water Treatment Options Study - process trials and concept plan for arsenic removal from groundwater.

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