General Infrastructure Design

We work all over New Zealand and the Pacific Region to develop effective water infrastructure systems including:

  • Potable water
  • Water for irrigation
  • Industrial water supplies

For example Urban Water Supply Network Cleaning Strategies - Using computer network models, designed of programme for non-invasive, controlled cleaning of biofilms from urban reticulations, without disruption of supply and full containment of sediments - Feilding, Helensville, Warkworth, Wellsford.

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Waipa District Asset Management Plans - Strategic planning and collation of raw data for first-generation AMPs covering water supply at Cambridge, Te Awamutu and Kihikihi.

Whiritoa Water Supply Options Assessment - Reviewed existing water supply situation and attendant risks to public health; prepared a strategy for development of a public community supply.

Landfills Impacts Assessments - Assessment of impacts on groundwater due to operational landfills at Tirau, Tokoroa and Putaruru.  Evaluation of monitoring data and reporting for consents compliance.

North Shore City Pumping Stations - fast-track design, tendering and construction management of two large wastewater pumping stations.

Labasa Sewerage Master Plan - investigation and concept design for master plan, Fiji Government.

Tauranga Water Treatment Plants Audits - identified potential for capacity upgrades at existing plants.

Papakura Future Water Supply Demand Growth Model (United Water) - modeling of future demand from minimal data sets.

Mt Roskill Borough Water Supply Pressure Zone Optimisation - computer model study to rationalise the pressure zone and bulk supply setup for urban reticulation.

Water Reticulation System Computer Modelling, Palmerston North - developed 1200-element model of city reticulation, with successful calibration.

Waitakere City Water Supply Pressures Study network model study to improve levels of service for consumers.

Waikato Pipeline:  Peer Review of Hydraulic Balancing Structures - assessment of functional need and appropriateness of siting of tanks and associated works.

Tauranga Water Supply Capacity Options Study - model of future demand and assessment of infrastructure upgrades to maintain levels of service potential.

Tauranga City Conservation Study - developed a strategy and action plan for conservation of water resources, underpinning the supply for planned growth of the city.

Roberts Line Pumping Station - investigation and design for new groundwater supply station.

Pukekohe Water Supply Management Plan - developed a management plan for the reticulated urban supply to provide sustainability of service potential.

Palmerston North Water Supply Operation - management and day-to-day operation of water supply system for 70,000 pop.

Royal Oak Branch Sewer - Responsible for route selection, logistical planning and design of a replacement sewer main using trenchless technology.  Client requirements included keeping the existing sewer operational at all times, while the route had to pass beneath playing fields, housing and a railway easement.

Fitzherbert Bridge Bulk Water Mains - Detail design for an innovative application for twin 525 NB water mains using HOBASJ GRP pipes, installed within the superstructure of a box girder bridge.  Design included flexible joints for multi-axis movement between abutments and superstructure.