Water Resources Evaluation & Management

Every enterprise and individual has a responsiblity to take care of and preserve our natural resources including water sources and storage.  Certain users of natural resources requires a resource consent and a key component is the preparation of a assessment of environmental effects (AEE).  We can help you with the process and preparation of the AEE report.


Examples of our projects include:

Decontamination of Former Tannery Site - Investigations, assessment of effects, consultation and facilitation of consents; remediation design for redevelopment of brown-fields site.

Effects of Wastewater Discharge on Beach/Dune Stability - Investigated impacts of treated wastewater discharge on coastal foredune stability and risk of beach scour due to proposed increase in treatment plant throughput, discharging by ground infiltration via the coastal dune aquifer to the inter-tidal zone.

Impacts Assessment for Proposed Quarry - Assessment of effects of aggregate quarrying on the groundwater regime and prediction of effects of extension of the pit over a fifty-year horizon.

Whitford Sanitary Landfill Groundwater Investigations - Investigation of groundwater regime underlying large municipal landfill; determination of fate of leachate and modelling of site environmental security.

Landfills Impacts Assessments, South Waikato - Leachate transport and fate determination for three municipal landfills.

Decontamination of Former Gasworks Site - Design and management of remediation works to decontaminate site and remove wastes residues and remnants of old gasometers.  Consultation with regulatory authorities and facilitation of consents.

Auckland Regional Land Disposal Options Study - Assessed impacts on groundwater due to land disposal of treated wastewater and developed evaluation criteria to confirm sites suitability.

Hikumutu Sewage Disposal - Investigated potential seepage loss rate from proposed wetland for wastewater treatment and assessment of impacts on groundwater.  Assessed potential for piping erosion in nearby stream banks due to increased groundwater flows.

Russell Interim Sewage Treatment Plant - Design of sewage treatment plant to serve the commercial centre of Russell town to reduce contamination of the beach.

Septage Treatment Options Study - Review of international best practice and identified preferred options for pre-treatment and ultimate disposal fo septage from small communities in environmentally sensitive region.

Whitford Sanitary Landfill Leachate Irrigation Trials - Hydraulic design of irrigation trials for leachate disposal; investigation of impacts on groundwater.

Sportsfields Irrigation System Design - Design of sprinkler system for irrigation of sportsfields, including cricket wickets for a large park.

Omaha South Groundwater Impacts Study - Investigated and reported on the potential effects of a residential development on the sustainability of the shallow groundwater lens in a coastal dune aquifer and concomitant impacts on a remnant stand of kahikatea forest/wetland designated of national significance.

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