Water Resources Engineering

We design all aspects of equipment used in water infrastructure. e.g. water supply intakes, pumping systems, reticulation and distribution systems.

We have undertaken many projects in this area with positive outcomes - for example:

Taonui Basin Flood Storage Optimisation Study, New Zealand - Field investigation, modelling and engineering design of spillway levels, storage volumes and associated drainage works for optimisation of a flood storage basin.

Wellfield Design (various) - Field investigation, pumping tests and related work to design abstraction wells and wellfields for the sustainable development of new water supplies.

Moutoa Floodway Drainage - Investigation and design of new floodgates and culverts to facilitate rapid dewatering of the 650 ha Moutoa Floodway following its use in flood control events.

Suva-Nausori Water Supply Augmentation (Fiji) - Leading technical input to $40M project to rehabilitate two existing water treatment plants and associated works to increase headworks capacity.  Consultation with affected parties - including native landowners - is a key component for successful completion of this project.

Rivers Control, Land Drainage and Flood Plain Management Engineering (various), New Zealand - Field investigation, statistical analysis of hydrological records and engineering design for flood control schemes, river training works, land drainage improvements and studies of overland flowpaths and associated hazards.  Wrote own software and used it to carry out model studies.

Manawatu Coastal Hazard Study, New Zealand - Field investigation and survey of coastal landforms and identification of potential hazards for input to a regional planning and land use study.

Hamilton Lake Water Quality Enhancement Feasibility Study - Feasibility assessment of engineering solutions to improve water quality in Lake Rotoroa.  Investigated implications for water quality on option to capture stormwater and pre-treatment prior to entry to the lake.

Coal Mine Rehabilitation and Stormwater Quality Control  -Design of hydraulic structures associated with raising a runoff impoundment dam at an open cast coal mine; design of civil works for rehabilitation of spoil heaps and cut areas.

Whiritoa Water Supply Needs Assessment - Evaluation of current water supply regime and potential impacts on public health. Assessed quality and capacity of local water resources and identified preferred options for development of a community supply.  Input to local authority Water & Sanitary Assessments.

Infrastructure Engineering (various) - Design of key infrastructure for water supply, wastewater, stormwater and wastewater.  Various works throughout New Zealand and the Pacific, including water intakes, pipelines, pumping facilities, culverts and treatment plants.  Scale of works includes refurbishment and optimisation of existing assets as well as design of new works.

Demand Forecasting and Management - Analysis of water demand and forecasting of future demand due to urban development and population growth.  Developed more robust methodology to avoid limitations of more conventional geometric extrapolation models, particularly in data-short areas. 

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