Introducing Voss Infrastructure

Voss Infrastructure Consulting Limited was formed in 2004 as a specialist water resources and water supply infrastructure consultancy. The company brings to the utilities market the particular skills and experience of founder David Voss in water resources evaluation, groundwater development, water treatment design, process optimisation and infrastructure planning. David is well known in the industry for his wide experience and knowledge of water supply, water treatment and groundwater resources engineering.

While the company’s expertise covers the whole range of activities entailed in developing and maintaining a safe, sustainable supply of potable water, the resources of the company are particularly focussed on such specialist areas as:

  • Water treatment plant process optimisation – achieving compliance with improved efficiency and effectiveness
  • Groundwater resource development – ensuring best life-cycle value from capital investments
  • Groundwater flow and contaminant modeling, including human health risk assessment – mitigating the effects of existing landfills and contaminated sites; minimizing the impacts of new developments
  • Water reticulation modelling for flows, pressure and water quality – providing planned capacity for growth and ensuring the continuing good health of communities.

A substantial investment in software and equipment underpins these capabilities. Voss Infrastructure also maintains an up-to-date reference library of over 200 volumes, backed up with a computer-based reference management system which provides a gateway to over 200 libraries worldwide.

The resources of Voss Infrastructure are supplemented and complemented as and when necessary by way of strategic alliances with other specialist firms, according to the needs of a project. This approach provides optimum flexibility in responding to particular problems while avoiding the high overhead costs that would otherwise be entailed in trying to cover all bases in-house.

Projects carried out by Voss Infrastructure since its inception include the following:

  • Whiritoa Community water scheme assessment: Assessment of the case for providing the community with a reticulated water supply and recommendations for sources of raw water.
  • Evaluation of old water supply dams, Hauraki District: Comparative evaluation of a range of issues - economic, social, environmental and cultural - with recommendations on retaining or removing eight redundant water supply dams; evaluation of factors such as impacts on low flows and sustainability, impacts on migratory fauna, impacts on spiritual values of tangata whenua.
  • Impact assessment for a proposed new quarry: Modelling of groundwater flows and assessment of long-term impacts on the contribution of groundwater to springs and streams in the vicinity; estimation of inflows to the proposed pit.
  • Ruakaka wastewater disposal impacts assessment: Modelling of groundwater flows in the coastal dune system to determine the effects that a proposed increase in disposal by ground soakage could have on the stability of the foredune and on the beach profile.
  • Maungaturoto water treatment enhancement: Investigation of process enhancement options for existing water treatment plant; lab trials and preliminary design of plant modifications to achieve up to three-fold increase in clarifier throughput with improvements in treated water quality.
  • Waipatiki groundwater source investigation: Testing of existing groundwater supply to determine capacity constraints; recommendations for extending supply capacity; preparation of tendering and contract documents for a new well.
  • Onerahi Reservoir water quality investigations: Identified actions required to improve circulation in existing reservoir, including modifications to inlet, with the aim of improving reticulated water quality downstream.
  • Water supply options study for proposed residential development: Evaluated options for water supply for an isolated community proposed for a resort development in Northland, New Zealand.
  • Peer reviews of work by others: Reviews of designs and documentation by other consultants, including water reticulation model development and water treatment plants upgrades.
  • Pump station rising main failure assessment: Critical review of design calculations, construction documentation and performance history to determine reasons for the failure, after only 18 months service, of a rising main built from thermoplastic pipe.
  • Independent assessor for flood protection scheme: Appointed to independently review and assess proposed works for a major flood protection scheme, in the face of objections from a number of affected parties.

For more specific information on our projects you can read some of our case studies; or please feel free to contact us at any time.